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Paws for thought

 A rest from Cat Flap fitting
I've come across many wonderful stories; about heroic, scared, and never-give-up cats.
Greenwich, London 2014.
While installing a cat flap in the external wall my customer was making us a drink. and she began talking about her cats.
The couple had moved into this terraced house six months ago, (The front door leads straight into the front room) and they had no intention of having or owning a cat as a pet. ~~~
One rainy evening while watching TV, they heard a cat whining and meowling outside their front door. Her husband shooed the cat away, but the cat kept returning. Due to its persistence, they decided to let the cat in out of the rain.  The cat hid under the sofa, and they thought nothing more of it. Expecting the cat to leave when the rain stops.
After they finished watching TV and preparing to go to bed. They moved the sofa wanting to tell the cat it was time to leave. To their amazement the was not one cat there, but the cat and four kittens feeding on her teats.
After looking online they got a box and a blanket. The cat carried her kittens into the box. They put water and food outside the box and left her to it.
Three of the kittens were given to good homes and they kept the mother and one kitten.
They can't imagine their home without their cats.

Fleet, Hampshire 2018

Measuring a double-glazed unit in a sliding patio door for a cat flap.
To be continued



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