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Cat Flap Installed in Walls

                       We have been fitting cat flaps in walls for over 16 years and pride ourselves on only fitting cat flaps and pet doors!
We fit cat flaps and dog doors in external walls. The wall can be Brick, rendered, pebble-dashed or breeze-block and can be done on the same day.
 You can feel confident when you call or email us about a Cat Flap or pet door installation or just free advice. On what cat flap or pet door best suits your requirements
We are not tied to any cat flap or pet door manufacturer. We promise to give you our best and, most importantly, impartial advice.
You will contact companies who will try to change your mind about having a cat flap or dog door fitted in a wall. Here at Cat Flap Fitter, we understand why you want it to fit in a wall:
  • The Cat Flap or dog door can be hidden away.
  • Bi-fold doors can be a feature of most rooms. Giving you an unobstructed view of your garden.
  • I always use two cat flaps on a wall installation because it greatly reduces draughts. I remove. The locking mechanism on some cat flap models or explain to the customer that the outside cat flap is never to be locked unless the cats or cat are in a cattery.
  • The room you chose to have the Cat Flap, or Dog Door fitted does not have an external door.
  • Due to a busy road. Your cat is an indoor cat, and you want the Cat Flap leading to a cat run or enclosure.
  • Most landlords do not object to a cat flap fitting through a wall.
  • I fit cat flaps and some dog doors in double-glazed units and walls, and the double-glazed unit replacement is much more expensive.


Sharon, East London


I'm thrilled with the result; Colin fitted my cat flap today. It was quite an unorthodox request (a cat flap going through a wide pillar), but Colin was happy to discuss it and ensure we came to an unobtrusive solution that worked for the room's aesthetics. I'm sure the cats will be equally as happy with it!
Thanks, Colin  






Cat Flap Installation in Brick Wall completed  As you can see no damage to plaster workcat flap front is removed to fix it to the wall

As you can see, there is no damage to the plasterwork: 

The cat flap hole is at a nice height for the cats to use 



Cat Flap Installation in Wall

I removed the cat flap front to securely fix the cat flap to the wall, with threaded bar and wing nuts. 

outside is sealed against weatherAs I work from both sides of wall, brickwork is cut perfectly
The outside is fixed and sealed against weather after the Cat Flap Installation in the Wall.
Cat flap installation in walls
We only use a UPVC liner, which is easier to keep clean and has more room for the cat to come in and out of the cat flap!


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microchip reading cat flap in Chelsea, London Cat Flap in a UPVC panelCat Flap in a UPVC door, Guildford, Surrey 

Cat Flap fitted in a double glazed door, Maidstone, KentCat flap fitted in a Leaded door, Reading, Buckinghamshire Cat flap fitted in a conservatory double glazed window, Portsmouth, Hampshire