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Cat Flap Fitting services


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 Cat flap fitting service in a Double Glazed Unit (DGU)

All cat flap fitters DGUís are made with toughened safety glass and carry a 5-year guarantee. The hole for the cat flap is sealed, and the cat flap fitter will fit your cat flap or the cat flap you asked us to supply

Note: All DGUís have to be replaced!   Most DGUís in doors are toughened or laminated for safety. It takes a week to ten days from measuring to fitting a new double-glazed unit.

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Cat flap fitted in a Wooden door

It will be fitted on the same day.
After cutting a hole in the wooden door, the cat flap fitter will fit your cat flap or the cat flap you asked us to supply and seal if required.

Cat flap fitted in a UPVC Panel


It will be fitted on the same day. The UPVC panel has to be removed to cut a hole as low as possible.
UPVC Panels  with bevels or any designs; double-glazed units in the bottom of a door. I recommend replacing it with a new reinforced UPVC panel. The cat flap fitter will fit your cat flap or the cat flap you asked us to supply

Welcome to your cat flap fitting service

Cat flap fitted in an external wall


Takes 2 to 4 hours to fit a cat flap in an external wall. It can be fitted the same day as contacted if the cat flap fitter is in your area and time allows. Using power tools, we cut into the brickwork and do the same on both sides of the wall; this prevents excess damage to plaster and brickwork. Cat flap fitters only use UPVC boxing to line the wall, as itís larger than the tunnel extensions and easier for your cat to use

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Cat flap fitted in a Composite Door


Cat flap fitter can cut a hole for a cat flap in a composite door on the same day. Composite doors come with plastic or steel skins and are filled with high-density foam for insulation. Unlike UPVC doors, they come with a wood grain feel and can be painted any colour.
When fitting a cat flap in a composite, we must cut the hole from both sides, just above the storm guard. Then we fit the cat flap, and it has to be sealed.

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Note: We donít recommend cutting a hole in the composite door, as they are expensive to replace. Consider this option if you have no  place to fit a cat flap or ask our advice.

Cat flap fitted into Single glazed glass


If the glass is not toughened, We can cut the hole the same day. We have a 98% success rate when cutting a round hole in a plate or laminated glass.

Note: toughened glass always has to be replaced as it canít be cut after itís been toughened

Note: Customers have tried to do this. I then have to replace the glass, and this costs a lot more in time and money,


Cutting a hole in glass is a highly skilled job; please don't attempt doing it yourself as you may cause a serious injury. 

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