These are just some of our cat flap fitting  services we offer. Both me and Peter are always up for a chalenge. So don't give up if other companies say, sorry can't be done!
We have never failed to fit a cat flap in any situation (except the moon, as there's no moon landing prodicted in the near future)

4way locking cat flap in wall
 Sure flap for large cats and small dogs
 original leaded glass pane
 new leaded glass pane with cat flap fitted
 made 2 glass panels into 1 to fit this cat flap
 Leo! I fitted his cat flap a few years ago now
 He as 2 brothers not as curious as he is
 cat flap fitted to leaded glass in oak frame
 cat flap fixed and sealed to external wall
where should I have my cat flap fitted? 
 Location of cat flap  Work carried out
Cat flap fitted in a Double Glazed Unit (DGU) All double glazed units have to be replaced with a new  double glazed unit as they have been sealed together and the cavity between the 2 pieces of glass is maintained by a spacer bar, that more often than not is a silver colour. The spacer bar also contains a silica gel or desiccant (like the little pack you find in new cases or purses) to absorb moister. Once the seal is broken the unit will mist up in a week or so, also most double glazed units in doors are toughened for safety.    
It takes four days to a week from measuring to fitting new double glazed unit. All units are toughened and carry a 3 year guarantee as standard. Please click here
Cat flap fitted in a Wooden door Can be fitted same day as contacted, if I'm in your area.
Cut hole in the wooden door to suit cat flap, fit cat flap and seal if required
Cat flap fitted in a UPVc Panel
Can be fitted same day as contacted, if I'm in your area.
The UPVc panel is removed, so as to cut hole as low as possible in panel.
UPVc Panels with bevels or any designs on them, also double glazed units in bottom part of a door. I recommend replacing with a new UPVc panel. click here 
 Cat flap fitted in a  External Wall Takes 2 to 4 hours to fit cat flap in an external wall. Can be fitted same day as contacted, if I'm in your area and time allows.
I Prepare area, where the cat flap is going to be fitted. Mark wall, cut into brick work and do the same on the other side of the wall, so as not to blow plaster or brick work. I only use UPVc boxing to line the wall, As it's larger than  the tunnel extensions and easier for your cat to use
please click here to see wall fitting from start to finish
 Cat flap fitted in a Composite Door
 I can cut hole for a cat flap in a composite door the same day as contacted if I'm in your area.
Composite doors come either with a plastic or a steal outer skins. With a wooden inner frame (for strength) and filled with high density foam, for insulation.
Unlike UPVc doors they come with a wood grain feel and can be painted any colour you like.
They are often installed in new builds and most buildings up to 12 years old.
When fitting a cat flap I have to cut the hole from both sides of the door, just above the storm guard (bar at the bottom of the door, they can be same colour as door or silver or even brass effect)Then I  fit the cat flap and it as to be sealed
  Cat flap fitted in a Single glazed glass If glass is not toughened, I can cut hole same day as contacted if I'm in your area.
I have about a 98% success rate when cutting a round holes in float glass or laminated glass, click here (toughened glass always as to be replaced as once glass as been toughened you can't cut or process it).
Cutting a hole in glass is a highly skilled job and takes lots of experience. I say this as I've been to homes where customers have tried to do it themselves and because I have to replace the glass, it ends up costing a lot more.
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microchip reading cat flap in Chelsea, London Cat Flap in a UPVC panelCat Flap in a UPVC door, Guildford, Surrey 

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