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Cat Flap fitted in Wall Gallery

Cat Flaps Fitted in Walls

Cat flap on the inside wall

Sureflap fitted inside the external wall

cat flap on the outside wall

4way locking cat flap fitted on rendered outside wall

Soot trying her new cat flap

Sureflap microchip reading cat flap fitted inside the external wall. In Surrey, UK

Soot seems to have it open

Sureflap fitted inside the external wall

Soot trying her new cat flap out

Cat Flap Fitter make their own tunnel easy to clean and more space for your cat

Soot freedom at last

Cat Flap fitter use the Petsafe Deluxe 4way locking cat flap in wall installations. So bolts and fixing can be hidden when you clip cat flap to the cat flap body


sureflap fitted in to a wall

cat flap in wall outside

Petsafe 4way locking Cat Flap fitted into a hollow brick pillar

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microchip reading cat flap in Chelsea, London Cat Flap in a UPVC panelCat Flap in a UPVC door, Guildford, Surrey 

Cat Flap fitted in a double glazed door, Maidstone, KentCat flap fitted in a Leaded door, Reading, Buckinghamshire Cat flap fitted in a conservatory double glazed window, Portsmouth, Hampshire